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REMEMBER the day of the Class of ‘92 premiere when Harry secretly went to the Primrose Hill Christmas festival to see Nick light up the tree

and after that they went to the premiere separately and harry kept looking around for Nick in all of his interviews but nick wasn’t even there yet so he went into the theater multiple times but came back out to the red carpet thinking Nick had arrived so to stall for time Harry signed stuff for fans extremely slowly and caught up with other friends

then FINALLY when Nick arrived with his dad they tried to talk to each other from across the red carpet but it didn’t really work out so when they both made it to the entrance of the theater Harry went to hug Nick’s dad while jumping up and down and Nick went to hug ben and then they talked in the entrance way for a while and then I’m pretty sure they sat next to each other during the movie

idk it was just a really good day

emilyannsonnet: @nicholasgrimshaw birthday was like 2 weeks today. Hasn’t ended yet. ❤️u! @daisylowe 😘

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