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girl!harry - part2/+

“I mounted Zac Efron.”

Nick Grimshaw

“He’s a great kisser though.”

Nick (about Zac)


for the people that the cameras aren’t working 

  • Grimmy: Had few people over to watch Great British Bake Off last night. And there was like wedding cake chat for an hour. Like people going - 'maybe I'd have carrot actually; maybe I'd have red velvet actually; oh no I'd have traditional...' It was just this constant sort of bickering of what cake they'd have at their wedding. No one's getting married! Just a discussion.
  • Fiona: What would you have?
  • Grimmy: I just said I'd have a packet of crisps. Like a big bucket.

“Do we not have fraternities here, or was I just not included in them?”

Nick Grimshaw


OMG! Actual in the studio with us now. Watch at

“I wrote that. It’s about us.”

Nick to Matt on You and I

“I feel like they’re ALWAYS on a world tour. But they’re happy, they like it.”

Nick on One Direction