i honestly only care about nick grimshaw and his pals. thats it.

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@mattfincham: Ibiza crew last night…far more civilised than last year 😌

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thinking kidfic while watchin the die hard series can lead to some rlly odd thoughts

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hahagahagaaha imagine nick as john mcclaine;  being a fuckin annoying smart ass to the bad guys;  muttering sarcastic comments under his breathe when hes running around playin hero;  gettin himself into rlly dumb situations and wondering how is this his life;  yippee ky yay motherfucker;  

#tbt to when finchy had to clothe and water fifi and nick

#tbt to nick waking up with fifis vom beside his head

#tbt to nick still ravin and wearin the bikini top while wearing the boot thing

#tbt to one of the best shows in breakfast show history

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msaimeephillips#TBT in Puerto Rico with mah pal 🌴🌴🌴 (nice photo by @guylowndes)

nicholasgrimshaw: I want this photo Come on guy

msaimeephillipsWe want prints! Don’t be tight guy

guylowndesWow I want a print campaign going on. Lemme see what i can do

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@camillamackintosh: #bizawankers @grimmers - c/o: x x

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